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As long as Linux isn’t pre-installed on your hardware, you need to install it yourself. The big five Linux distro’s have their own tools, but for the hundreds of boutique distro’s with specialised purposes, those tools are not (necessarily) suitable. Calamares is a Linux System Installer that is built to be customisable and tailorable for boutique distro’s. It encourages shared development and cooperation for derivatives, spins, mixes and niche players. In this short talk we’ll look at the why and the what of Calamares (and probably also some “yeah, this needs work” items as well). — Adriaan is a Canadian by birth and Dutch by training, but has lived in the world of Open Source for a long time. He wears KDE and FreeBSD hats around the community, and works professionally as a C++ programmer and consultant. He is the maintainer of Calamares, a Linux System Installer.

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