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A simple integration between Python and Twitter

I wrote this very simple code with the help of the “Tweepy” library import tweepy from credenziali import * auth=tweepy.OAuthHandler(consumer_key,consumer_secret) auth.set_access_token(access_token,access_token_secret) api=tweepy.API(auth) #new_tweet=api.update_status(“Questo post è stato pubblicato con Python!”) public_tweets=tweepy.Cursor(, q=”python”,result_type=”mixed”,lang=”it”,tweet_mode=”extended”).items(20) for tweet in public_tweets: print(“@”+tweet.user.screen_name) tweet_text=tweet.full_text print(tweet_text) print() View Reddit by Kekko01 – Source 00

Beneath the cloud

Hey everyone! I have an upcoming college project where i have to code the functioning of cloud. Can someone here give me heads up how it's done or what tools we use. I am talking about the functioning of cloud at the operating system level. Thanks in advance. View Reddit Read more…