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Do I need a WordPress security plugin?

MalCare is a comprehensive scanning and instantaneous cleanup and protection WordPress Security service. It constantly checks if site is hacked and alerts you immediately. If you care about protecting your website, then you need a security solution like MalCare.

Is there a MalCare WordPress malware scanner online version available?

Yes, it does have a free version that scans and protects your site. Check out MalCare Free plugin.

Is MalCare compatible with backup plugins?

MalCare is compatible with all plugin and themes. It’ll work even if you have another backup plugin or even a security plugin installed on your site. If you want to use MalCare, here’s a guide that’ll help you – How to Install MalCare Security Service?

I can’t access MalCare user account, what do I do?

Please get in touch with us.

What is the full feature list for MalCare security pro?

The following security measures are MalCare’s security features:

  • Security Scanner
  • Malware Cleaner
  • Website Firewall
  • Site Management
  • Site Security Hardening
  • White-labeling and Client Reporting
  • Uptime Monitoring and Performance Check
  • Integrated Backups by BlogVault

The Web Application Firewall can block brute force attacks. The firewall rules keep track of live traffic. And the Site Management feature makes WordPress User management really easy. BlogVault provides even database backups, and also real-time backups for WooCommerce sites. MalCare Scanner performs security scanning and checks any file change on your website. That is how it immediately knows when some suspicious files are added.

As you can see, MalCare also comes with many additional features apart from security. Check out our blog for WordPress security tips.

Isn’t using strong passwords be enough for login security?

In spite of strong passwords, hackers and bots can still force login to your website. A WordPress firewall is perfect for login attack prevention. After some failed login attempts, firewall activates the CAPTCHA-based login lockdown. Overcoming the lockdown is impossible for bots because bots can’t read CAPTCHA.


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